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We spoke with Marge Rostan, who oversaw all aspects of the event for the organizers, and learned about some intrigue that almost led to a cancelation. It all came down to the finer details. The whole event was on the brink due to an unexpected hiccup. One of the special draws was the interactive environment that everyone walked through as they entered the main venue. The confetti machine created glittering clouds along the sides of the walkway, while balloons and streamers descended from above. Such a glorious display requires diligent maintenance every evening. However, a delay caused by a dock strike almost threw a wrench in the plans. On a brighter note, while the event had its challenges, other areas like pool maintenance have been simplified with innovations like the robot pool cleaners from Thankfully, all the challenges were overcome, and the festival was a resounding success.


 ITN Distribution Film and New Media Festival was held in November 2011 in New York, NY.  It is organized by one of the most successful independent film distribution companies in the world today helmed by Stuart Alson.  In the last year, Alson has executive produced Brutal starring Peter Greene (The Mask and Pulp Fiction); and Mysteria starring Danny Glover, Billy Zane, Martin Landau and Michael Rooker.

ITN Distribution is now actively looking for new films of all lengths and genres to distribute world wide. We are also looking for new talent to develop into the next wave of independent filmmakers.

If you think you have what it takes, please submit your film to the ITN Distribution Film and New Media Festival.



Festival Schedule Fall 2011/Spring 201



Official Selection 2011

FESTIVAL DATES: November 17th – 24th, 2011



Festival screenings will take place exclusively at Quad Cinema, 34 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011.

TICKETS & BOX OFFICE INFORMATION: Tickets are $12 in advance on  Guests can go to  and type in the name of your film’s title in the ‘search’ box or type in ‘ITN’ .

Or, guests can purchase tickets for $15 at the door (if the screening is not sold out). All screenings are open to the general public with tickets.

Friday, November 18, 2011

4pm, Screen 3

Big in Bollywood

From Hollywood zero to Bollywood hero, an American actor becomes an Indian film star overnight, and struggles to cope with his new found fame. Cast: Amir Khan, Omi Vaidya, R Madervan, Sendil Ramamurthy, Sherman Joshi, Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Directed by Bill Bowles and Kenny Meehan. 74 min. Documentary. India/USA

6pm, Screen 3

Trapped in Perfection

A MOTHER... A WIFE...A MORTAL GAME OF SEDUCTION. Cast: Brien Perry, Elise Muller, Jeniffer Behrens, Pino Moreau, Roy Wegner. Directed by Michel Katz. 89 min. Feature/Thiller. USA

6pm, Screen 2

Wild Horses & Renegades

Wild Horses & Renegades examines the plight of America's wild horses and the rapidly deteriorating condition of our wild and beautiful public lands in the majestic, haunting American west. Through interviews with scientific experts, ranchers, historians, wild horse owners, animal rights activists, environmentalists, movie stars (Viggo Mortensen, Daryl Hannah, Sheryl Crow, Willie Nelson) uranium prospectors and many other colorful characters, the filmmaker examines the origins and effects of recent legislation clearing the way for the slaughter and removal of wild horses in America.  Cast: Michael Blake, Raoul Trujillo, Sheryl Crow, Willie Nelson. Directed by James Anaquad Kleinert.105 min. Documentary. USA

8pm, Screen 2

Caged Dreams

An MMA trainer, Mac, adopts his deceased friend's son, Randy, and trains him to be a professional fighter. Out of fear that Randy might fail, Mac fixes the boys first three fights with the help of gangsters. When Randy's seventh fight comes up, Mac's dark past catches up with him and puts Randy's life at risk. Directed by Pete Guzzo. 22 min. Short/Drama/Action. UK.

Dogs Lie

Eight patients and two clinicians are thrown together for a night of monitoring and observation at a luxury New York sleep clinic.
Humor and irreverence give way to devious self interest as dark secrets are revealed. Lucia (Ewa Da Cruz) finds herself the center of attention as her world seemingly spins out of control. Romance, Blackmail and Murder ensue. Nothing is quite as it seems. Cast: Arnie Mazer, Frank Boyd, Gita Reddy, Ken Anderson, Roya Shanks, Samrat Chackrabarti. Directed by Richard Atkinson. 77 min. Feature/Drama/Thiller. USA


Saturday, November 19, 2011

1pm – SEMINAR, Screen 2

2pm, Screen 2 , Childrens/Family Shorts

Grace in SARA

A 10 year-old girl comes to terms with her parents' breakup and her mother leaving home with the help of a creative therapist and the songs of her favorite rocker chick. Cast: Danielle Prou, Diego Serrano, Eva La Rue. Directed by Ming Lo. 21:54min. Short/Family/Drama/Children. USA

Tattle Tale Hero

Tattle Tale Hero is a 20 minute short that was work-shopped with 20 kids from Coquitlam, BC who joined an after-school Film Club. For most, including the adults, it was their first experience making a movie. Three Union adults, including the Writer/ Director/ Producer, Nancy J. Lilley, were also included
in the cast and so it became an Actra/UBCP Ultra Low Budget 20/20 deal. The film follows a family to a new neighborhood and their experience with bullying in a suburban elementary school and what they learn to be able to deal with it. Directed by Nancy J. Lilley. 20:20 min. Short/Family/Drama. Canada.

6pm, Screen 3, Short Film Category

Peace Of Mind

During a hypnosis session, Marc travels back into a childhood scene. Is it memory or imagination? During this family outing, Marc starts building a sand castle. The impatience and hysteria of his mother stops him from completing his project, but with the help of Dr. Benhaiem, and Ericksonian therapy, Marc will go back to the beach, and finish building his castle. Cast: Boris Namias, Claire Pataut, Diego Bettas-Begalin, Jean-Marc BenHaiem, Pablo Bettas-Begalin. Directed by Sylvia Louapre. 8:37 min. Short/Drama. France

The Medic

It's May 1945, the final days of the German Empire. This is the story of a young German soldier, fighting for survival. It is a story of friendship and betrayal between the Germans and the British. Cast: Alvin Cacciattolo, Colin Willis, Franz Medek, George Chetcuti, Ryan Galea, Sven Strey. Directed by Raymond Mizzi. 11:19 min. Short/TV/Drama/Action/Historical. Malta.


After ten years of legal red tape, a Turkish woman in her mid-40s, finally realizes her dream of migrating to the states and being reunited with her husband. Little does she know that the 13 hour flight is only the beginning of her ordeal as she faces a series of escalating challenges from customs to her ride through the wilds of New Jersey to at last reach her husband. Cast: Ada Alize Ertem, Gamze Ceylan, Temi Hason, Yavuz Hekim. Directed by Ali Y. Akarcesme. 11:52 min. Short/Drama. Turkey/USA

Hidden In Time

One man's American Dream is another man's nightmare come true. Ahmad, an Iraqi immigrant who drives a taxi in New York City, picks up a mysterious box from a close friend. Then, while driving in Manhattan, he picks up an American businessman on his way to the airport. Ahmad overhears this man's phone conversation that reveals his good fortune of acquiring a military supply contract. Ahmad hatches a plan and kidnaps his passenger on the way to the airport. With his passenger locked in the taxi, Ahmad seems to fit all the cultural stereotypes of a Muslim from the Arab world. And yet, through these bizarre circumstances, he reveals that he is no stereotype but a man whose dreams are common to us all. Cast: Ian Tomaschik. Directed by Edward Roy. 16 min. Short/Drama. USA

How to Make a Million

This unbelievable story has happened in New York, and is not only a comedy, but also a perfect business plan (for those who happened to have an adopted elephant). If you wish to know one more way to make a million dollars, or what to do when a hungry elephant needs to be fed - watch this movie. Cast: Valeria Yampolskaya. Directed by Leonid Kogan. 17:35min. Short/Comedy. USA

High Hopes


Nightshift of the Vampire

Working the Night shift really sucks, especially if you're a vampire. Cast: Frank Otis, James Deeth, Larry Boxshall, Nick Dubberly, Penelope Mitchell, Zoe Enticott. Directed by William Crooks. 10:30 min. Short/Comedy/Horror. Australia.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

1pm – SEMINAR, Screen 3

2pm, Screen 3, New Media/Webisodes

Turbo & Joey: This Isn't a Game...

Two guys from Staten Island ,NY  making it in Hollywood . Sort of...Cast: Joey Russo ,Jeremy Luke guest starring Cait Thompson. Directed by Justin Schack.  4:44 min. New Media/Webisode. USA.

Mobster Episode 5: “Mobsters Make a Porno”

After loaning money to an Adult Entertainment Entrepreneur the Mobsters are invited to meet their favorite Porn Star. But when an accident leaves the movie in jeopardy, will the Mobsters rise to the occasion? Cast:  Christopher Titone, Kyle Sabihy, Jim Betterton. Directed by Jeremy Foley.  7:50 min. Short/Comedy/Crime.  USA

Gigi: Almost American

Josh Gad stars as Gigi, a loveable foreigner with dreams of fitting in as an “Average American.” This slapstick comedy series follows Gigi’s adventures where he will let nothing, not his lack of street smarts, nor his incomprehensible grasp of the English language, stand in his way. Cast: Josh Gad (21, The Rocker), Tyler Moore, Kevin Larsen, Amy Hillner. Directed by Ty Clancey. New Media/WebSeries/Comedy. USA.

Western X

A man struggles to find out the truth behind his identity while fighting an evil army. Cast: Angelique Deiutch, Anthony Tempesta, Dustin Hale, Jayson James, Jerry Eselgroth, Kaily Alissano, Richard Anderson, Ted Goodman, Vernon Wells, Aaron Ginn-Forsberg. Directed by Michael Flores. Short/Drama/Sci-Fi/Western. USA

Paul Cruz: Latin Actor

A clean cut, all American, Latin Actor, hilariously struggles to fit into the stereotypical roles Hollywood has to offer all while dealing with his crazy representation, psychotic friends, dysfunctional family members and bad dates. Cast: Diane Davisson, James Moll, Jason Stuart, Max Alexander, Paul Cruz, Sally Kirkland, Steven Schub, Suzanna Ford. Directed by Paul Cruz. 13:07 min. TV/Comedy/Satire. USA


Two roommates wake up to find living in New York City even stranger than they remember. Neither can recall the night before, but now the power has gone out and the doors and windows are sealed shut. The walls around them could be their protection or they could be locked in ... to Apt1B. Cast: Adam Groves, Joe Stipek, Mary Guiteras, Nathan Williams, Rebecca Benhayon. Directed by Dodd Loomis. TV/Horror/Thriller/Sci-Fi. USA

Reality, Inc.

Sid is an out-of-work actor who decides to make ends meet by using his skills to be who anyone wants him to be. 'A trained professional to fill in the roles life forgot to cast.' Welcome to Reality, Inc. Cast: Scott T. Miller. Directed by Scott T. Miller.  TV/Comedy. USA.

The Realm

The Realm is a sci fi fantasy web series about a galactic war hero betrayed by his own government and banished to a remote barren planet where he meets a few of its strange and sometimes dangerous denizens. Cast: Frederick Galdikas, Jenny Garris, John Bring, Maria Olsen, Sebastian Kadlecik. Directed by Christopher Dye. Short/TV/ Sci-Fi. USA

6pm, Screen 2

Knocking on the Devil’s Door

The nuclear reactor catastrophes at Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and now at Fukushima, Japan, remind us that a heinous specter hovers over the health and security of millions of people worldwide. Not only does the threat of nuclear weapons proliferation remain but every nuclear station sits as a ticking bomb awaiting meltdown and terrorist attack. Many Russian studies conclude that the Chernobyl disaster has been responsible for the deaths of approximately a million people since the 1986 meltdown. And the cost of the Daiichi Fukushima crisis may be higher. From the mining of radioactive materials to their transportation, from reactor fusion to the storage of radioactive waste, the energy cartel is contaminating natural habitats, rivers and aquifers while endangering millions of lives. Directed by Gary Null. 95 min. Feature/Documentary/History. USA

8pm, Screen 3

Au Revoir My Paris Heart

An American in Paris endures love and heartache while searching for détente, in the conflicting sexual politics of two nations, his native South Philly and his adopted France. Stephen Croce (Once a Garden, Transporters 3, The American, Je rentre a la maison), Cally Williamson (8 Disobedient Children), Patrick Albenque (Vatel- w/Gerard Depardieu, Black Venus, Hitman, Highlander),Lou Marrelli (Brunch at Martin’s, Once a Garden, La Familia is fine) Nathalie Bienvenu (Untitled 6, Our Washed Out Dreams), Lucien Maine (Bref),Christen Erickson (Arthur and the Minimoys, Hitman), Bethany Ditzel (Once a Garden, La Familia is fine), Samantha Lavirra. 102 min. Directed by Nicholas Iacovino. Feature/Comedy/Drama. USA.


Monday, November 21, 2011

10:05pm, Screen 3

Little Red Bill

Shot on Super 8 and edited in-camera with simple effects, this film tells two stories about a precious $50. We hear from our poet/narrator the story of a precious $50 bill, lost almost as soon as it was earned, and we see the story of a character who is suddenly losing everything. This is a film in a new style: a slam-poetry film-ette. Like a music video, it engages us through sound and vision as we listen to a slam-poem and watch a thematically-linked, but not literally adapted, visual narrative. It's a new, funny, interesting way to experience two arts - film and poetry - that have never quite come together. Cast: Luke James, Boyko-Phelan. Directed by Sally Cinnamon. 2:21 min. Short/Comedy. Canada

Paradise East

A dark comedy about a desperately dysfunctional lower middle class family fiercely struggling to make it in the twentieth century.Lucky, not your typical dad, runs a coffee shop and has a difficult time dealing with the idiosyncrasies of his two deadbeat sons. Ernie, the oldest, is a wannabe pimp and street hustler, forever searching for the perfect angle. Chip, the baby, is unemployed with a passion for french fries and underage girls. He is forever starting grease-fires in the kitchen, driving his father completely up the wall. David, Lucky's fair-haired nephew, is somewhat normal, the Marilyn Munster of the group. A drifter in between jobs, he's been dealing, unsuccessfully, with the fact that his mother was recently murdered. Life is good. Cast: Bruce Barton, Charles Balcer, Franklin Abrams, James Kissane, John Borras, Laura Shapanus, Ron Lier, Walker Hare. Directed by Nick Taylor. 107 min. Feature/Comedy/Drama. USA


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

4pm, Screen 2

Action 5 News

A team of stoner misfits must learn to be professional field news reporters with the help of an old-timer as they face layoffs from a dishonest executive. While learning who your real friends are and what is truly important in life, with a few pranks along the way. Similar in comedy to familiar films like.. Porky's, Super Bad, Anchor Man, and American Pie. Cast: Alex Murrel, Brian Drolet. Directed by Eric Pham. Feature/Romantic Comedy.90 min. USA

6pm, Screen 2

Drier/Duer Skal Flyve Frit I Himlen

In exploring the lonely world that is her home, 10-year-old Olivia loves looking up on her father's release doves. She lives with her father and older sister but is continuously witnessing a somewhat hidden incestuous relationship between them. The doves end up becoming Olivia's only way to break her silence. Cast: Bebiane Ivalo Kreutzmann. Directed by Maire Grahto Sorensen. 16 min. Short/Drama. Denmark

Rancho D’Amour

When timid aspiring author Emily Tisdale has her first book emphatically rejected (and loses her job and fiance all in the same day), she assumes the identity of her novel's dashing heroine: the romantic Victoria Powers, and follows the editor of a prominent publisher to the grand opening of Rancho D'Amour - a falsely advertised 'luxury resort' - as part of a wild scheme to convince him that she - an adventurous woman of mystery - should become their new star novelist. Cast: Amanda Garcia, Bill Evashwick, David Allan, Frank McEnulty, Jacqui Holland, Katie Keene, Kirt Kingzett, Leah Kercheville, Marc Bianchi, Phillip Caldwell, Rebecca Enulty, Sam Rhodes, Stefani Barrett, Thurston Pritchard, Ty Smith, Wayne Cassoutt. Directed by Bill Evashwick. 90 min. Feature/Family/Romantic Comedy. USA


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2pm, Screen 2

The Last Projectionist

When the UK's oldest working cinema opened in 1909, it took five years to train a projectionist - a century later, it takes less than an hour. The Last Projectionist charts the amazing history of UK independent cinema, taking a tour of some of the most magical picture houses in the world, all centered around The Electric in Birmingham, the oldest working cinema in Britain. Cast: Graham Lee, John Brockington, Les Castree, Paul Curtin, Phil Fawke. Directed by Tom Lawes. 82 min. Documentary. UK

6pm, Screen 3, Short Documentaries Category

Poets in Person: Phillip Levine

A short documentary series which provides a rare glimpse into the lives of influential literary figures. Presented in a 'Day in the Life' verite style, each episode's form and content is heavily influenced by the individual spotlighted. Directed by Guy Shahar. 4 min. Short/TV/Educational. USA

Poets in Person: Stephen Dunn

 A short documentary series which provides a rare glimpse into the lives of influential literary figures. Presented in a 'Day in the Life' verite style, each episode's form and content is heavily influenced by the individual spotlighted. Episode 2 features Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Dunn. Directed by Guy Shahar. 4 min. Short/TV/Biography/Educational. USA

Lesbian Passover

A yearly San Francisco passover Seder with a guest list of entirely lesbians, is documented by a young male filmmaker and his loud and opinionated Grandfather. Directed by Tony Blahd. 11:23 min. Documentary. USA

Animation: A Palette of Possibilities

This short film is a fascinating collection of stories, anecdotes, and insights from some of the best animators in the world today. Mary Poppins, Petes Dragon, The Black Hole, Sleeping Beauty, Roger Rabbit, Mulan, and The Princess and the Frog, are just some of the animated films they have helped bring to the screen. Academy Award nominee Joe Hale, versatile artist Ron Dias, and others talk about their life work and give advice and encouragement to children thinking about a career in hand drawn animation. Directed by Angela Hinton. 15:37 min. Documentary. USA.

The Elephant Man Journeys

Chris Gallucci's life gained a higher purpose with the sudden responsibility of two 5-ton elephants named Timbo and Cora. Chris spent 25 years caring for those African elephants and when they died, he resolved to bury a piece of Timbo's ivory with dignity in Africa. The trip took him halfway around the world and no nearer to the closure that was ultimately found within his own heart. Now he continues his purpose of education and fighting for elephants and other animals in captivity. A story that must be told. Cast: Chris Gallucci. Directed by Chris Galluci. 18:24 min. South Africa/USA

The Other Side of Carnival

A documentary that explores Carnival's social and economic impact on Trinidad & Tobago. With more than 60 interviews from professors, medical staff, police officers, government officials, students, tourists, every day locals and more, The Other Side of Carnival is able to highlight that while Carnival is an exciting occasion, it is a festival that creates turmoil, which is not widely visible...or is it just simply ignored? Known as 'The Greatest Show on Earth', this documentary captures the roots of Carnival and how far some go to keep the original idea alive, and how others attempt to integrate change. Directed by Charysse Harper. 44:38 min. Documentary. Trinidad and Tobago/USA/UK.

8pm, Screen 3

From Matzo Ball To Meatball: The Jew Got It Story

A young Jewish mans desire to be Italian takes shape when his Italian friend take him to Little Italy for a "Guido Makeover" . Cast: Mike Babchik, George Noia & Giovanni Paolo. Directed by Mike Babchik. 22 min. Comedy. USA.

10pm, Screen 3, Short Film Category


A video clip of CARLOS OLIVA AND THE NEPHEWS OF THE JUDGE, a famous group from Miami Sound, interpreting VEHICLE. Cast: Carlos Olivia. Directed by Robert Marrero. 3:30 min. Music Video. USA

Hold Me, Thrill Me. Kiss Me

Magnificent performance by Mel Carter, together with the dancers from Division International. Hold me ,Thrill me, Kiss me. Directed by Roberto Marrero. 3:40 min. Music Video. USA

Love Is In The Air

A great performance by GABI GABRIEL, LOVE IS IN THE AIR, A ROBERTO MARRERO PRODUCTION, the great dancers of MIAMIVISION INTERNATIONAL. Cast: Gabi Gabriel. Directed by Roberto Marrero. 4:17 min. Music Video. USA

Heart of Death

Heart of Death: Tome I. The 7 Seductions is loosely based on the mythological romance between Persephone and Greek God of Death Hades. In my adaption, Hades is replaced by Thanatos the literal God of Death (Hades was simply an overseer of Realms). Persephone is an Island noblewoman of mixed heritage who lives in a 17th century-style fantasy period on a fictional island named Christos. The tale is darkly erotic, with envelope pushing nudity and sensuality that remains beautifully tasteful and appropriate to tale. Cast: Alicia Norman. Directed by Alicia Norman. 20:54min. Feature/Animation/Romance/Sci-Fi/Horror. USA

10:05pm, Screen 2


An aging veteran gives chase after his pigeons are bird-napped. Led to a restaurant, the veteran sneaks inside on a rescue mission and confronts not only the terrible secrets held within its walls, but his own inner demon as well. Cast: Carter Burch, Greg Caiafa, Ronald E. Giles. Directed by Nicholas Guldner. 5:10 min. Short/Horror/Thiller. USA

A Box For Rob

Thirty some years ago, in the back woods somewhere, young Rob Spencer is given a ghastly task. His mother gives birth to a stillborn child. The doctor asks Rob to go in the backyard and bury it. He does. This will haunt him for the rest of his life. (Present day) Rob Spencer is moving up in the world, he has a good job, he moved into an old home he hopes to fix up and he bought a ring with the hopes to marry his longtime girlfriend Amy. On the same day he moves into his new house a murder happens in town which brings Rob's dark past back to life and soon all fingers point to Rob. Cast: Brett Gentile, Fred Giffith, Irone Singleton, Johanna Jowlett, Mark Scarboro, Rob Treveiler. Directed by Renzo Vasquez. 90 min. Feature/Drama/Thiller. USA


Thursday, November 24, 2011

1pm, Screen 3

Finding Shangri-La

Is there a real Shangri-La, as depicted by James Hilton in his 1933 novel 'Lost Horizon', and Frank Capra's 1937 film? Many have said they have found it, but we really have, deep in Tibet, after many years of research and searching.This one hour film proves beyond a doubt that we have found Hilton's Shangri-La, and it is as beautiful as Hilton described it. Join us as we go there - it is a difficult and dangerous journey. Cast: Douglas Dunning, Frank Capra, Gloria Morris, Jane Wyatt, Nick Clinch, Peter Klika, Peter Facer, Shao Hong Zhang, Sharon Moyal, Ted Vaill, Xi Su. Directed by Ted Vaill.  59 min. Documentary. USA

2:20pm, Screen 3, Short Film Category

Bag A Cougar

A SNL styled music video spoof about 'Maxi' the Cougar. The music video spoofs off  the female pop stars of today- i.e. Lady GaGa, Kesha, Shakira, etc. The artist 'Maxi', is a 40 something, transplant from Jersey, living in Agoura Hills. She's sexy, yet distasteful and obnoxious- Peg Bundy meets Samantha Jones. During the song Maxi sings/raps, dances, at the club, poolside with her cubbies, at the country club, and in a cage. Throughout the song she makes her case as to why a younger guy should take her home at the end of the night, as opposed to a girl their age. The men around her are not having any of it. They're irritated, shocked, and just not interested. Cast: Vanessa Peruda, Erik Clabeaux. Directed by Juan Avilez.  3:45 min. Short/Comedy/Music Video. USA


 A photographer's muse takes us on a journey of dance, self expression and beauty. Cast: Ingrid Graham. Directed by Donald Graham. 4 min. Music Video. USA

1095 Days

What is the biggest enemy in love? Some said time would change everything. With fear of time, we forgot to talk, to hug and to be honest to each other. How we lost it and found it back. Directed by Han Fang Pao. 20:34 min. Short/Family/Native American/Women.


Manda is a middle aged lady staying and working on a construction site with her child. Her only desire is to take care of her child and save some money for her husband’s return from jail. Knowing the danger of living as a single mother, she has compromised her morals with the engineer of the site. Cast: Chatura Motta. Directed by Rushikesh More. 23 min. Short/Drama. India

10pm, Screen 2


After witnessing a brutal murder on Halloween night, a young woman becomes the next target of a maniacal entity. Cast: Daniel Robas, Jennifer Castellano, Marie Maser, Mike Giannelli, Mike Chmiel. Directed by Damien Leone. 19:47 min. Short/Horror. USA

The Stalker

A writer struggling with her second novel is terrorized by a homicidal PA. Directed by Martin Kemp. 80 min. Feature/Horror/Thiller. UK

























I LOVE YOU, BUT YOU’RE CREEPY- Tyler Cochran & Michelle Jarmon

ZOMBIE GAMES – Claire Thorne & Emily Thorne

THE JOURNAL- Braide Keyland

COVENANT- Robert Mazzonna & John Delatorre

SHEMALE- Roberto Marrero

CABIN CALL- Roberto Marrero

TWELVE NUNS – Roberto Marrero


THE CHINESE GIFT- Roberto Marrero


VARADERO BEACH – Roberto Marrero


NEVER BE ALONE – Giles Daoust

HOLY HELL IN CUBA- Roberto Marrero

BULLIES FOR RENT – Roberto Marrero

SENIORS’ PALACE – Roberto Marrero


BAY OF PIGS – Roberto Marrero

GRANNIES ON THE MOVE – Roberto Marrero

LOATHSOME LURE – Roberto Marrero

HALFWAY HOME – David Schroeder

LL – Nathan Gathergood


BUMS, INC – Denise Landau




Festival After-Parties List

21 and over only

Dress Code: No sneakers, no baggy jeans, no white tees, no baseball caps.

Friday, November 18th


Studio XXI

59 West 21st Street at 6th Ave.

Saturday, November 19th


Studio XXI

59 West 21st Street at 6th Ave.

Sunday, November 20th


Le Souk

510 LaGuardia Place between Houston and Bleecker

Monday, November 21st



130 7th Ave S between 10th St & Charles St.

Tuesday, November 22nd


Le Souk

510 Laguardia Place between Houston and Bleecker.

Wednesday, November 23rd


The Parlour

247 W. 30th St. between Fashion Ave and 7th Ave.

Thursday, November 24th



59 West 21st Street at 6th Ave.


2012 Schedule

The next ITN Distribution Film and New Media Festival will be held in Los Angeles April 12th - 19th, 2012.  It is organized by one of the most successful independent film distribution companies in the world today helmed by Stuart Alson.  In the last year, Alson has executive produced Brutal starring Peter Greene (The Mask and Pulp Fiction); and Mysteria starring Danny Glover, Billy Zane, Martin Landau and Michael Rooker.



FESTIVAL DATES: April 12th - 19th, 2012

Raleigh Studios

Hollywood/Los Angeles, CA